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The D&B Crew
Do you ever wonder what’s going on over here behind the deckchair? We caught up with some of our talented team members to ask a few questions about work, life, and of course all things towels! Get to know the D&B crew and shop their top towel picks!
Andy, London
The head poncho! Andy makes up ½ of Dock & Bay’s founding duo, and he’s been at it for 6 years and counting. We asked about his favourite Dock & Bay product of all time, and although he’s NOT allowed to show towel favouritism, it’s Whitsunday Blue in XL. His favourite vacation spot has to be the Philippines, and Japan is up next on his list! We got some juicy gossip that he once appeared in a One Direction imitation band, and of course, we are searching for video evidence.  
Ben, Sydney
Ben is the other half of our founding duo, and he keeps us afloat day to day! When he’s not hard at work thinking about towels, he can be found testing them on the beautiful Sydney beaches with Emma and their daughter Marley. His favourite D&B product is from a new collection for 2021, so we can’t tell you quite yet!
 Emma - Photographer, Sydney 
Say hello to Emma! She has been Dock & Bay’s photographer from the very beginning, so you can thank her for giving us our good looks 😉. Her favourite products are the Classic Hair Wrap in Yosemite Navy, and Peach Sorbet from the Summer collection. When asked about her favourite holiday, Emma said “So hard to pick a favourite, but the first European Summer Ben and I shared was pretty amazing - Bodrum, Rhodes and Paris - full of sun, the ocean & lots of Rosé.” She and Ben live at the beach and go paddle boarding (with their favourite D&B towels, of course) whenever they can find a babysitter for their sweet little one! 
 Vickie - Creative Designer, Tunbridge Wells 
Vickie is our creative genius and has been with us for just over a year. She works hard to keep us looking neat and tidy! Vickie loves to stay active and used to teach group exercise classes (we’re working on adding “team personal trainer” to her title). Her absolute favourite holiday was to Andorra to snowboard, and she’s dreaming of Bali & Bora Bora! She’d definitely bring along her favourite towel, our Beach Blanket in Goa Grey.
Annabella - Head of Marketing, Brighton
Say hello to Annabella! She is our brand new Head of Marketing as of December 2020 (what a sweet end to a crazy year!). She has lived in 6 different countries and grew up in France, so of course her favourite foods are cheese and wine 😉.  Annabella says that our reusable makeup removers are the best she’s ever tried (this is NOT a marketing effort, she truly believes it!), and her favourite of our round beach blanket is Rainbow Skies. She loves to travel, and her favourite places so far have been Vietnam (food, glorious food) and India (because it's all so different!). Next on her bucket list is Peru. When she’s not out exploring the world, she’s at home with her son, whose nickname is Sausage - because he is cute enough to eat!
 Izzy - Marketing Executive, London
Meet Izzy! She’s been a community manager for a year and a half now, and recently moved into a new role as our Marketing Executive! Izzy lived in the French Alps for six years and speaks the language fluently. It’s also her favourite place to get away for skiing trips! She’s still working out the details for her dream holiday in Amalfi Coast - one day! The one Dock & Bay Product she can’t live without? Our Hair Wrap in Kuta Pink!
David - Digital Marketing Manager, Essex
Say hello to David! He has been with Dock & Bay since June 2020, and we often find ourselves wondering “what did we do without him?!”. His all time favourite holiday was a beautiful trip to Mykonos & Mauritius, where he received many compliments on his Dock & Bay swim shorts. He is a self proclaimed chicken nugget fanatic, and his hobbies are “Golf > Gaming > Sitting on the couch > Exercise. In that order. “ His work from home partner is a 15 year old Parsons Russell named Bobby (who serves as our digital barketing executive). 
 Shona - Social Media Executive, London
Shona is our newest social media executive around here! The Insta has been looking quite good lately, no? 😉 Fun fact: she used to play rugby and can sing like an angel - the dream combo, we have to say. Her favourite drink is an espresso martini (a team favourite), and noodles and Nandos are her favourite foods (now say that 3 times faster.) If she could go anywhere in the world, she would go to New York City and bring along her reusable makeup wipes and a poncho
 Jess - Head of Sales, Ibiza
Jess has been in charge of all things sales here at Dock & Bay for two years now, and she recently moved to the lovely island of Ibiza (to test towels on the beach and definitely not to party). Her favourite D&B products? “So many to choose from! I am a big fan of our hair wraps (in every colour!). Lavender Fields in XL is one of my go-to beach towels at the moment, but some of our upcoming collections will become fast favourites for Summer 2021.” Jess has amazing taste! She initially trained as an interior designer after university and designed luxury hotels around Europe. Her mini Australian Labradoodles, Milly & Tilly, are big fans of our towels and Tilly can high five on demand!
 Naomi - Sales Executive, London 
Naomi has been with us for 3 years, and she was our very first community manager! You may have met her while talking towels at one of the many trade shows we’ve attended. Her favourite towel is the lovely Unicorn Waves and she can’t live without our hair wraps! We heard her say “They are my most used item, they really reduce any frizz in my hair and are SO easy to use.” Naomi LOVES to travel - her all-time favourite trip was when she went backpacking around South East Asia a few years ago, “it was so beautiful and the people are so lovely! Can't wait to go back.” Her absolute favourite food is Mexican! Burritos, tacos and quesadillas but she’s not so good at the tequila...
 Liam - Community Manager (Sales), London
Meet Liam! He joined the Dock & Bay team at the start of 2021 and is already having LOADS of fun! Liam lived in Havana, Cuba for 6 months so he is a pro at using towels on the beach. He says that the sun and rum lifestyle was a fun one! Liam loves all things dance music - you can catch him performing as a DJ or MC at an event near you (post lockdown!)
 Sarah - Head of Customer Services, London
Sarah joined the Dock & Bay team in September 2020 but it feels like she’s been here from the very start! As our head of customer services, she is always ready to help out and solve ANY issue big or small. Her dream vacation destination is Japan for the tattoo shops, food, and fashion. She also told us that she has a Friday the 13th tattoo, “which doesn't mean anything because I consider that day good luck!” Her favourite Dock & Bay product? The Cancun Green Poncho because it’s great for festivals, easy to change in & out of at the beach and it's just fun to wear! She doesn’t have a furry friend, but has always wanted a husky... Maybe one day!
 Piper - Community Manager, Minneapolis
Piper is our first US-based employee and has been with us since January 2020. She loves getting away up north for the weekend (MN is the land of 10,000 lakes after all) and always packs her Hair Wrap in Lombok Lilac and Essential towel in Mountain Grey. Her favourite part about working for Dock & Bay is how connected she feels with the UK team even though they’re far away! Kelly, the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, loves to snuggle up in D&B towels and keeps Piper company while working from home.
Zoha - Community Manager, London
Zoha’s been a part of our team since October 2019 and she has loved every minute of it! We asked about her best holiday she’s ever taken and she said “Summer in Rome is the absolute best! Gelato, sun, and beautiful architecture - You couldn't ask for more.” Well, you could include her favourite towel - Peach Sorbet! Her all-time favorite food combo would have to be sushi and peach ice tea, she’s got good taste. Her hidden talent? Crocheting!
Siann - Community Manager, Sydney 
Meet Siann! She is one of our Australia-based community managers and has been with us for two years. Her favourite towels are the Essential Collection, especially size small because they're so easy to take when walking to the beach. Italy is one of her favourite travel destinations and she travelled down the coast last summer. We bet you’d never guess that she spent a year of her childhood living on the tour bus of a famous Australian band!
Alex - Community Manager, Manchester → London
Alex is one of our new Community Managers in 2021 and we are so happy to have her on board! She is quite the celebrity, Justin Bieber follows her on Twitter! She doesn’t know why it happened but if he’s a fan so are we. Her absolute favourite meal is a good old northern chippy smothered in gravy! We asked her what her dream vacation is (and what towel she’d take along) and she’d “love to go to Bali one day! My favourite trip I've ever taken is probably to Italy, it's simply the best. Good food, good weather and so much to see and explore!” She’d bring along the Summer Peach Sorbet beach towel and the reusable makeup removers! 
Julia - Community Manager & Graphic Design Assistant, Sydney (and sometimes London!)
Julia has been a part of our team for over a year and half now and we don’t know what we’d do without her! In addition to her role here, she is a singer and actor. One of her favourite places to travel is New York and she saw 22 theatre shows in 2 weeks on her last trip! Her favourite Dock & Bay towel? “I love all the pastels and peaches and lilacs. I can't live without my Positano Peach Hair Wrap. I also love the Essential towels for the gym, so good for chucking in your bag every day!” This year, Julia has been living with her best friend in Sydney and she's just adopted an ex-farm dog (Kelpie) called Fly. She's a beautiful caramel and very shy!
Rita - Accounts, Harpenden
Rita is the first team member that Andy & Benno hired and she has been with Dock & Bay for a mighty 4 years! 2, 4, 6, 8 - who do we appreciate? That's right, Rita used to be a cheerleader at University (see, it happens in the UK too!) and has been cheering on her favourite D&B products - the Swimshorts in Bondi Blue and the Poncho in Goa Grey. Rita spent a month in New Zealand and Malaysia with her family (pre-lockdown!) and says she cannot wait to go back. The hot Malaysian food was no match for Rita as her favourite takeaway at home is a Spicy Thai, that's if her adorable Cavapoo Biggie (named after Biggie Smalls) doesn't beat her to it.
Rebecca - Product Developer & Production Co-Ordinator, Shaoxing, China
Rebecca joined the team in 2017 and has been helping us create our fabulous signature stripes ever since! Rebecca's very outdoorsy and loves hiking, camping and snorkelling - she says our cooling towels are a great addition as "they're a cool product and make you feel much cooler". Have we said cool enough times yet? Her favourite travel destination is London because it's a combination of fashion and artistic atmosphere - we can't wait until lockdown is lifted so we can take Rebecca out in London towel!
Happiness Mascots - Worldwide
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